Passport Book: 

Age 16 and over 



Under Age 16


Passport Card:

Age 16 and over 



Under age 16 


Only black ink is acceptable on passport forms. Also, please include your email address on the form if you have one. You MUST include your Social Security Number as well. Do not sign the form until you return to our office. Do not use white out, if you make a mistake draw one line through it and re-write.

A Cashier’s Check, Postal Money Order or personal check payable to: “U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE” for the amount of the passport book/card. (A separate check or money order for each passport is required.)

PASSPORT PICTURE: 1 picture – 2” x 2” in size.

Local Photographer 
                 Advanced Technolgies, Milbank
                 Landline: (605) 432-7921
                 Cell: (605)949-1729

BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Must be a certified copy or old passport book.

DRIVER’S LICENSE or Photo ID card.

EXECUTION: $35.00 per passport payable to “Big Stone County Auditor”.

Allow 10 to 12 weeks for the passport to be issued to you.

EXPEDITED SERVICE: Additional cost per application is $60.00 and passport will be issued to you in 2 to 3 weeks.
If you have any questions, please call the Big Stone County Office.

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