Adult Protection

Report suspected maltreatment
of a vulnerable adult to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center at (844) 880-1574 which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Call 911 first if you are reporting an emergency that requires immediate assistance from law enforcement, fire department or an ambulance.

The Minnesota Vulnerable Adults Act provides immunity from civil and criminal liability when a report is submitted in good faith.

Adult Protection is a federally mandated service in which social workers investigate allegations of maltreatment and arrange services to help assure the safety of vulnerable adults in Big Stone County.

Vulnerable Adults

vulnerable adult can be anyone over age 18 who:

  • Has a physical, mental or emotional disorder that makes it difficult for the person to care for themselves without help and to protect themselves from maltreatment
  • Is in a hospital, nursing home, transitional care unit, assisted living, housing with services, board and care, foster care or other licensed care facility
  • Receives services such as home care, day services, personal care assistance or other licensed services.

Maltreatment includes:

  • Abuse including physical, emotional and sexual abuse, use of restraints, involuntary seclusion or punishment
  • Neglect including failure to provide the food, shelter, clothing, health care or supervision necessary to maintain the person’s health, safety, or comfort. Neglect may be  by a caregiver or service provider, or because the vulnerable adult cannot meet their own needs 
  • Financial exploitation including theft or withholding of money or property and/or use of money or property not for the vulnerable adult's benefit.
Adult Protection Screening Criteria

(Stop Abuse & Financial Exploitation)

Abuse, neglect, and exploitation of elders may not be obvious. However, there are often warning signs that you or a loved one may be at risk. It's never an easy conversation to have, but it may help save you or a loved one.

Start by asking questions:

  • Is someone taking or using your money without your permission?
  • Are you afraid of anyone?
  • Is anybody hurting you?
  • Have you or a loved one had a partner, family member, or trusted caregiver that:
    • Embarrasses you by calling you bad names or putting you down?
    • Looks at you or acts in ways that scare you?
    • Destroys, damages, or gives away your property?
    • Hides details about your finances or property from you?
    • Controls what you do, who you see, or where you go?
    • Controls your money or legal documents without your permission?
    • Uses your money in ways that do not benefit you?
    • Makes all of the decisions without your input?
    • Threatens to hurt you?
    • Ignores your physical, emotional, or medical needs?
    • Takes money that you need to pay your bills?
    • Acts like everything is fine when other around me say I should be concerned?