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Child care is an important service to working parents in the community.  Big Stone County has a high demand for providers.  Licensed providers are required to follow rules and statutes established by the State of Minnesota, however counties perform major functions related to licensing.  County responsibilities include:

  • Accepting and processing license applications
  • Conducting, inspecting, studying and evaluating family child care license applications
  • Recommending to the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services the approval or denial of applications for licensure
  • Processing requests for variances from rules
  • Monitoring compliance with applicable rules
  • Investigating allegations of license violations
  • Issuing correction orders
  • Recommending forfeiture orders and licensing sanctions
  • Enforcing orders of the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Human Services
  • Representing the Department of Human Services in contested hearing cases conducted under Minnesota's Administrative Procedure Act (Chapter 14)

Licensed Family Child Care Providers are required to follow Minnesota Statues, Chapter 245A and Minnesota Rule 9502 that is also known as Rule 2. Rules and Statues are available on-line at the following links or you may order the book. Be aware the book may change with each legislative session. Licensed Holders are responsible for understanding and following these laws:

Helpful Links:


Guide to Becoming a Licensed Family Child Care Provider

Big Stone County Variance Policy: Big Stone County Variance Policy

Big Stone County Variance Policy Forms: Big Stone County Variance Policy Forms

DHS Variance Policy Forms:  Variance Request  Family Child Care Weekly Attendance Schedule  Notice to Parents

For information on how to apply for a Family Child Care License in Big Stone County, please contact:

Big Stone County Family Services
340 2nd Street NW
Ortonville, MN 56278
Phone:  320-839-2555